Organizational Structure

Sagashtawao Healing Lodge Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors from nine Mushkegowuk communities. Seven members of the Board represent seven First Nation Communities, one member of the Board represents the Local Services Board of Moose Factory and one member of the Board represents the municipality of Moosonee.

Board of Directors:

  • Moose Factory Local Services Board , John Turner, Chairperson
  • Kashechewan First Nation , Jenesse Martin, Secretary
  • Weenusk First Nation Abraham Hunter, Treasurer
  • Corporation of the Town of Moosonee, Wayne Taiple, Member
  • Mocreebec Council of the Cree Nation, George Small Jr. , Member
  • Moose Cree First Nation, Ross Trapper, Member
  • Attawapiskat First Nation, Margaret Okimaw, Member
  • Fort Albany First Nation , Mary Jane Metatawabin, Member
  • Taykwa Tagamou First Nation, Gwen Prevost, Member
  • Elder/Honorary Member, Maude Tyrer

Management Team:

  • Executive Director, Dorothy Hookimaw
  • Treatment Program Supervisor, Mary Rose Kamalatisit


  • Secretary/Intake Clerk/Finance Clerk, Beverley Linklater
  • Maintenance Worker, Ralph Wabano
  • Cook, Marjorie Enosse
  • Counsellor, Remi Chakasim
  • Counsellor, Lillian Sutherland
  • Counsellor, Vacant
  • Security Attendant Vacant
  • Security Attendant Vacant

Community Wellness Development Team (CWDT)

  • CWDT Coordinator Nellie Trapper
  • CWDT Mental Health Specialist, Bob Sutherland
  • CWDT Addiction Specialist, Marilyn Sutherland