Mission Statement

With caring and compassion, Sagashtawao Healing Lodge is committed to providing First Nations a treatment program which is multifaceted and facilitates recovery to the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Mental health. Guided by the Creator, clients will be empowered to make healthy changes for their lives.


Sagashtawao Healing Lodge believes that every person has within themselves inner strength, and positive qualities, which will enhance their well being to live a healthier lifestyle. It is with this belief that clients will change to live healthier lifestyles which in turn will create healthy families, healthy communities and a healthy Nation.


The philosophy of Sagashtawao Healing Lodge is founded on a recognition of the importance of the Native family system and the potential of the many strengths and resources within our communities and to affect change in the quality and scope of our communities and to affect change in the quality and scope of supportive services. Furthermore, Sagashtawao Healing Lodge believes that each person has within themselves the ability to find the solution to their own problems. The staff will act as facilitators, empowering the individual to discover the obstacles and to find the strength to overcome them. We believe in promoting self awareness and self empowerment to change one’s sense of powerless and hopelessness to see beyond the cycle of dependency. When the word “Sagashtawao” is translated into English, the word means “first rays of the sunlight”. So in effect, Sagashtawao tells us when we see the light of the sun, the spirit of a new day is upon us. A new beginning will be our approach in delivering our program. Through the understanding, support and respect, Sagashtawao Healing Lodge will enhance clients to a new journey of hope, peace, and freedom.

Alcoholism and drug addiction has affected our families and communities for generations. Our elders have said time and time again, that the solutions are in each and every one of us. We firmly believe that the communities have the solutions to the problems they are experiencing and we have to face the problems and deal with them in our own communities. By changing our individual lifestyles, we can start helping each other in our communities.